Doneraile Training Centre


Welcome to the Doneraile Training Centre

In 2011 Doneraile Development Association (DDA), conscious of the strong tradition of Antique Furniture Retailing and Restoration in the locality approached Ballyhoura Development to seek assistance in developing this important sector in Doneraile. Following discussions it was agreed that Ballyhoura Development would apply to FAS Community Services with a view to setting up a training course on Furniture Making and Restoration which would allow those attending the course to acquire many of the basic traditional skills of furniture restoration which are at risk of being lost altogether.

FAS supported the course by providing funding to Ballyhoura Development to set up and operate the course. The course is a FAS Local Training Initiative (LTI) and allows those who are from the locality, unemployed and between the ages of 17 and 35, 80%, the remaining 20% can be older, and have an interest in furniture making and restoration to take part.

The course runs for just under 12 months and awards a Fetac Level 5 Major award in Furniture and Antique Restoration to successful learners.